Our Y2K "bunker" in Mendocino


Irish Beach -- a short walk from the bunker.


The ravine formed by Irish Creek.

The bunker.


Waiting for Y2K.

Bill standing; Lorrie and Karen on the left; Jenny and Jason on the right.



Thanks to Karen for all the low-light shots that follow.


We each took a shot at the Karaoke machine ... the world was certain to end.


.............3..........2...........1........... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jan 2nd, near Point Arena. Either that's some colorful fallout, or the world has survived.

The Point Arena Lighthouse.


Unfortunately, we didn't see this sign before climbing to the top.

After surviving Y2K, these steps nearly killed me.

Looking down from the top.

We saw whales spouting -- the first time we've seen them from shore (I saw them once from a boat). Occasionally you could see their back and tail.


That white spec in the center is an Albatross in Arena Cove. I was thrilled to see one.

The pier at Arena Cove.