We arrive at Lindsey Lake.

Lindsey Lake in Bowman Lake Recreation Area.

Boont thinks it looks too deep.

Should I go swimming? It's pretty cold.

Up for a swim Boont?

Ahh, not so bad once you get in.

Boont prefers a warm bed.

Our camp site at Lindsey Lake.

Other campers in their canoe.

More Lindsey Lake.

More snoozing.

And some reading.

We didn't have to hike far to get great views.

Is that a bear .... or bigfoot??

Happy campers with dam in background at Lindsey Lake.

He wants to go home.

An overview of the area.

We left the mountains to find warmer water on the Yuba River.

Boont's not so sure this is warmer.

Still not sure he wants to go swimming.

This is as far as Boont will go.

We didn't find a good lake away from the mountains, so we went back to the mountains.

We headed for a lake near Lindsey Lake, but ...

... we found an abandoned tent there indicating bear activity.

So we head on down the road to another lake.

So many lakes, so little time. We camped for 6 days.

Lake Valley Reservoir was a bit warmer.

The remains of an old fire nearby.

We had a picnic at Kelley Lake.

We had this lake all to ourselves for the afternoon.

Again, a short walk reveals great views.

Always a good time for a snooze.

Lake Spaulding with large dam. All the smaller lakes filled into this one.