Trip to Vermont and New Hampshire from Sept 27 to Oct 3.

We flew into Boston.  Here's a look at downtown as we drove to Vermont the next day.
The construction made it a nightmare getting out of the airport the day before.

Our first full day in Vermont we climbed this peak -- the highest point in Vermont at about 4400 feet.
This range is supposed to look like a man's face, but this is not the best vantage point.  The tallest point
is "the chin".  You can see the ski runs in the foreground.

This is the start of the hike at the visitor center.  Lorrie is looking fresh here.

About a mile later we could see our goal about a half mile away on the ridge line.  Go Lorrie go.

Feels like I'm on the top of the world ... or Vermont anyway.

Lorrie describes her contempt for nature lovers to the other tourists at the mountaintop.
She explains in graphic detail every ache and pain.  The Germans are impressed as you can see.

A remarkably cheery looking Lorrie after a few grueling miles -- perhaps because we're almost back.

A token shot of one of the many covered bridges.  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  Seen one, etc...

Now here's something to fuss about.  The fall colors are starting to get our attention.  Notice the pretty hair.

The colors were pretty good on this day, but each day would get even better.  Of course, I'm color-blind.

This is the State capitol in Montpelier Vermont, a beautiful little town.

Of course Lorrie finds a mountain lion wherever we go and immediately assumes
her defensive posture.  BTW, they call them panthers here.

Here we are overlooking Montpelier.

This is on a drive near Montpelier.  The colors are getting better in spite of the rain this day.

Some of these graves are veterans of the American Revolution.

The Ski Inn, Stowe Vermont, where we stayed the first 4 nights.

Harriet Heyer, the owner of Ski Inn since 1941 and a most gracious host.

Just north of Stowe:

Joes Pond in northeast Vermont:

Our "cabin" at Joe's Pond.  We had to leave Lorrie's suitcase in the car (not really).

Loon's pond on Loon Mountain New Hampshire.  We rode a gondola up here.

Here are the tallest peaks in New Hampshire and the East at around 5-6000 feet.  No time for a hike today.

Now we're headed for Maine. See you later.