Rees Family History

John Rees and Sarah (Steed) Rees -- Welsh immigrants to America in 1867.
Date of photo unknown.

Please NOTE: In Oct of 2002 I located and contacted Rees family descendants
in Wales. Our Welsh origins are from the towns of Bettws Newydd,
Kemeys Commander, and Blaenavon in the county of Monmouthshire, Wales.
I will update this site with all the new info very soon.

UPDATE Feb 2003: Sue Winch, my main Rees contact in England, has written
a great story of the family history. Find the link below.

In these web pages I am attempting to document and track my family history.
I will try to do this in a chronological fashion beginning with myself and going
as far along the family tree as I have information to add to it.  The main
question I'm trying to answer is where in Wales did my great-great-grandfather
come from.
(I have since answered this question. See above.)

I encourage you to add and correct the information I've put here if you
are at all able to do so.  Please contact me at:

Also, I am planning to go to Wales sometime to
continue to get information.  If you would like to join me for part of this trip,
or have information that might be helpful to me in Wales, please contact me.

Here is a table of contents to all of the pages:

page 1 John Richard (me)
page 2 John Harold (father), John W (grandfather), Alice Jenkins (grandmother)
page 3 John Steed (great-grandfather) and Emily Jones (great-grandmother)
page 4 John (great-great-grandfather) and Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)
page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

Here are some new links added on 30 Oct 2000:
Rees/Jenkins Family Tree Data 1837-2000
Chart of Descendants of John Rees #1, immigrant from Wales.
Chart of Descendants of Charles Jenkins, immigrant from Wales.

Added on Feb 2003:
The Rees Family Story by Sue Winch.

Added on July 2003:
1926 Letter from Wales.

Here are some pictures of unknown people from the family archives.
If you know any of these people, please contact me:
Unknown photos

The brothers John (seated) and William Rees, both born in Wales, they came to America as adults.
John stayed in America, William returned to Wales.

This is the original Rees Homestead in Winton, Archbald Borough, PA.

Writing on the back identifies people as: Frank H. Rees, Alfred Jones, Lillian Rees (Warring),Charlotte Jones, Sarah Rees (Steed), John Rees Sr., Jim Smith, Llewellyn Rees (child), Will Rees, John Rees Jr.

The back of this photo has written
John, Sarah, and Olive.

These are the children of John Rees and Sarah Steed:
Standing, left to right:  Olive Brower (1891-1957) and Lillian M Warring (1884-1969)
Seated left to right:  Frank (1878-1934), William J (1874-1935), and  John Steed Rees (1876-1949)

Olive married Clayton Brower in 1929.
Lillian married Richard John Warring (1869-1960) in 1908.
Frank was a bachelor.
William married Mary James (1875-1942) in 1897.
John married Emily Sophia Jones (1881-1966) in 1901.

I found a great book called
Wales in America - Scranton and the Welsh: 1860-1920 by William D. Jones.
You can find it at the University of Scranton Press web site here:

or try here:

Here's a description of the book:

A study of the immigration of around 80,000 Welsh to the northeast Pennsylvania coalfields between 1860 and 1920. Since the center of this inflow was the city of Scranton, Jones examines its cultural life, its literary and musical societies, eisteddfodau and religion. Also included are such aspects of popular culture as insobriety and sports. Using their publications, he analyzes the self-image of these immigrants and their relation with other ethnic groups. Also examined is the anthracite industry itself, since this is what drew these thousands of skilled Welsh miners and dominated their work and the cities in which they lived. Jones notes the way these Welsh were rapidly Americanized while at the same time preserving their culture and their ties to Wales.
TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Illustrations. Table of Appendices. Introduction. I. The Public Face of Welsh Scranton. II. The Welsh and Scranton's Anthracite Industry. III. Welsh Cultural Life in Scranton. IV. Gilding the Dragon: Fairs, Bards and Empire Loyalists. V. The Cracked Mirror. Conclusion. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.
ISBN: 0-940866-65-X (paper)$25.00