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page 1 John Richard (me)
page 2 John Harold (father), John W (grandfather), Alice Jenkins (grandmother)
page 3 John Steed (great-grandfather) and Emily Jones (great-grandmother)
page 4 John (great-great-grandfather) and Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)
page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

John Harold Jenkins (great-grandfather)  1887-1929
Elizabeth Williams (great-grandmother)  1888-1928

Since these photos are of my oldest and last known relatives, I'm including almost all
of the pictures I took of the grave sites.  This is so that if you cannot visit them you'll
have some idea of what they look like; and if you are a REES researcher you might
be able to use the added detail to find the grave sites in the future.

Here are some graves from my Grandmother's (Alice Jenkins) side of the family.
The Union Cemetery can be found near the intersection of Main St and Ridge Rd
in Peckville.

This is looking into the cemetery from the main entrance.  The first set of graves is located off to the left
near a white wood building that looks like a small barn.  The second set of graves is to the right almost
parallel to the first graves.

George is Alice Jenkins' (my grandmother) uncle on her mother's side.
Edward was George's father, and was born in England in 1858.
Eliza was Ed's wife.  She was born Elizabeth Ann Masters in England.

This is a metal plate in the ground.  I had to scrape vegetation off of it to get this picture.
John Harold and Elizabeth Williams were Alice Jenkins' (my grandmother) parents.
It is thought that John Harold came from Ponty Pridd Wales.

This stone was barely legible.  It is Jane Williams, an aunt of Alice Jenkins (my grandmother) on her mother's side.


We had a hard time finding this William's stone.

This is a WWII veteran's marker.

Helen is the wife of George Williams (above).  John (Jackie) Thomas Williams is their son.

This is on the other side of the Williams tombstone.  Who are the Crooms?  Jim Sweeny tells me: "Duffy Dolphin told me that Jack Williams was related to the Croom family.
They had bought adjoining cemetery plots of  6 or 8 each together as some
sort of package deal."


Unknown REES tombstone in same cemetery.  Probably not related.


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