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page 1 John Richard (me)
page 2 John Harold (father), John W (grandfather), Alice Jenkins (grandmother)
page 3 John Steed (great-grandfather) and Emily Jones (great-grandmother)
page 4 John (great-great-grandfather) and Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)
page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

John Rees (great-great-grandfather)  1837-1913
Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)  1845-1919

Since these photos are of my oldest and last known relatives, I'm including almost all
of the pictures I took of the grave sites.  This is so that if you cannot visit them you'll
have some idea of what they look like; and if you are a REES researcher you might
be able to use the added detail to find the grave sites in the future.

This is the Prospect Hill Cemetery in Peckville.
It has the grave of my great-great-grandfather John Rees, his wife, and one of their sons.
I know very little about John. It is thought that he was a coal miner in Wales before
(more recently optained census data says he was a farm laborer)
emigrating to the Scranton area.  He has a GAR marker by his grave (it was on the
wrong side of the tombstone when I visited) which indicates that he is a Civil War veteran.
(It was later confirmed that this marker was misplaced and does not belong to John.)
The other side of the tombstone marks the grave of Lillian Rees, a daughter of John, and her
husband John Warring.
The cemetery is located near the center of Peckville on Cemetery St.
The grave sites are near the south corner, just a couple of hundred feet from the entrance.

Here is the entrance off Cemetery Road.

Here we see the footstones along with the headstone.

Here is the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) marker.  It was on the wrong side.



Here is the view of Peckville from the cemetery.



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