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page 1 John Richard (me)
page 2 John Harold (father), John W (grandfather), Alice Jenkins (grandmother)
page 3 John Steed (great-grandfather) and Emily Jones (great-grandmother)
page 4 John (great-great-grandfather) and Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)
page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

John Steed Rees (great-grandfather)  1876-1949
Emily Sophia Jones (great-grandmother)  1881-1966

Since these photos are of my oldest and last known relatives, I'm including almost all
of the pictures I took of the grave sites.  This is so that if you cannot visit them you'll
have some idea of what they look like; and if you are a REES researcher you might
be able to use the added detail to find the grave sites in the future.

This is the Valley View Memorial Park (cemetery).
It has the grave of my great-grandfather John Steed Rees, his wife, one of his sons and his wife,
one of his daughters and her husband.
All I know about my great-grandfather is that he worked in the coal mines around Scranton.
There was a Rees Coal Mining Company in the family, but I don't know who started it
or who worked for it.  My grandfather left the Rees Coal Mining Company to become
a plumber in the Buffalo area sometime around 1936.  My great-grandfather is probably the
one who bought the "Rees Homestead" in Peckville around 1910. (Please confirm any of
this if you can.)
The cemetery is located north of the Peckville/Olyphant area.
Take 247 north approximately 5 miles at Montdale on the right side of the road.
As you enter the cemetery, follow the road to the left.  The road curves to the
right and the grave site is located a few rows after this curve to the left side of
the road.

Here is the entrance to the cemetery.

Here is the REES tombstone viewed from the side with John S. Rees, his wife
Emily and daughter Edith.  His son Carl, daughter Florence and family are on the other side.
This visit was in the fall -- note the fall colors in the background.

I am standing on the John S. Rees side of the tombstone.  The next several pictures below are from this side.

Here are some details from the John S. Rees side of the tombstone.
The information that I have from Uncle Rob says that their full names are
John Steed Rees and Emily Jones Rees.  (What does the 'S' stand for in Emily S. Rees??)

Edith died of leukemia in the "Rees Homestead" house in Peckville.


This is the other side of the tombstone.  It contains the graves of Carl and Florence Rees and their spouses.

Notice the large boulder in the background.  I was curious if it had been placed
there by natural (i.e. glacial) means.  It is impressive.



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