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page 1 John Richard (me)
page 2 John Harold (father), John W (grandfather), Alice Jenkins (grandmother)
page 3 John Steed (great-grandfather) and Emily Jones (great-grandmother)
page 4 John (great-great-grandfather) and Sarah Steed (great-great-grandmother)
page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

John Harold Rees (father)  1934-present
John W. Rees (grandfather)  1910-1977
Alice Jenkins (grandmother)  1912-1977

This page continues the history with my father John Harold Rees and his parents.
He was born in Peckville Pennsylvania on 17 June 1934 and moved to Buffalo NY at
about the age of 2.  He married Elizabeth Eder (aka Susan) in Germany
and returned to Buffalo where they had two sons (Rick and Dan).
He moved to Phoeniz AZ in 1966.
His profession was as an accountant for Western Electric which later
became AT&T.  He later became a computer analyst for AT&T and
then an independent computer consultant for small businesses.
He still lives with his wife Susan in the Phoeniz area.

This is the house in Tonawanda were he lived from the age of about 2 until he entered the Army.

I have many fond memories of visiting my Grandparents in this house.


My Grandfather was born John W. Rees (what's the W stand for??) in or near Peckville PA in 1910.
My Grandmother was born Alice Jenkins on 6 January 1912 in Olyphant.
John W. married Alice Jenkins on or about 7 January 1934 at a church on 527 Hickory St. in Scranton.
Alice was from the Olyphant area next to Peckville.  Alice's parents both died when she was still a
teenager, so she and her sister Florence (Floss) moved in with their cousin Betty O'Connor who also
lived in Olyphant.  Here is the wedding announcement for John and Alice from the newspaper (what
paper was this from??):

   The marriage of Miss Alice Jenkins, Olyphant, and John W. Rees, son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rees,
Peckville, took place on Sunday afternoon in the parsonage of Hickory Street Baptist church with the
Rev. Hayden Howells officiating.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Florence Jenkins.
Emerson Champion, Jermyn, was best man.
   Following the ceremony dinner was served at Hotel Casey to members of the bridal party and the
immediate families.
   The bride is a graduate of Olyphant High school and Mid-Valley hospital training school.  Mr. Rees
is an employe (sic) of the Rees Coal company and is a well known musician.
   The couple are making their home in Peckville.

In about 2 years they moved to Buffalo and John became a plumber.
They had 5 children:  John Harold (oldest), Florence, William, Robert, James (youngest).
Alice died in 1977.  (Cause of death???  I thought they died more than a year apart??)
John died in 1977.  (Cause of death??)

wedding announcement:
(printing error in headline?)


My Grandfather John W. with his mother Emily (Jones) in 1910.

The band in 1928.
My Grandfather (18 yrs. old) is sitting in the front left with the trombone.
His best friend Emerson Champion is in the back at the drums.


My Uncle Robert says:  I believe this picture was taken in 1949 when my grandfather died. Your dad may know for sure.
          back row - Carl, Marian (toots), Bill, John
           front row -   Mabel, Emily, Florence

John W. and his sisters:
Mable Rees Palmer, Marian Rees Molander,
John W. Rees and Florence Rees Neesham
April 17, 1967

Here is the home in Peckville where my grandfather John W. was raised,
747 Pleasant Ave.

This is the current owner of the home, Mark DeLeo (
He saw me taking pictures and invited me in.  He said he'd be happy to answer
questions or show the house to other Rees history buffs.  He knows the area.
He said the house was built in 1910. (Was a Rees the first owner??)

These three pictures are just inside the main entrance showing some of the original woodwork.

This is the home of Alice's cousin Betty where they both lived as teenagers.  Betty grew up here.
136 School St, Olyphant.

And this is Betty Sweeny (O'Connor) in the backyard in Oct 1999 at the age of 85, now living in Philly.

According to Betty, Alice was raised somewhere along Scott St shown here.  She didn't know the exact home.

Here is the church my Grandparents were married in in Scranton on 527 Hickory St.
(Why were they married in a Baptist church when they belonged to a Presbyterian church?)

This is the church my Grandparents belonged to in N. Tonanwanda on Felton St.



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