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page 5 Jenkins and Williams (grandmother's family)

John Richard Rees (me)  1957-present

I was born John Richard Rees on 19 June 1957 in Tonawanda NY.
Most people call me Rick.  At the age of 9 I moved to Phoenix AZ.
At the age of 21 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and currently
live in downtown San Francisco.  I have no children.
I have a brother born Daniel Warren Rees on 18 March 1961 in Kenmore NY.
He made the same move to Phoenix when he was 5 and still lives there.
He has a wife, Johnna, and two sons, Richie the eldest and Christopher.

From the age of about 2-5 I lived in the top apartment of this house on Delaware St.
(I'm not 100% certain about this.  It could be a neighboring house.  Could someone
confirm please??)

I remember playing in the gravel driveway to the left.

I don't remember this neighbor's house to the right, but I remember playing with kids that lived nearby.

This is the florist shop a couple of houses down from us.  I vividly remember playing with the kids who lived
here, and getting into trouble with their dad from time to time.  I don't remember the house to the left.

It seems to me that there were no houses between us and the florist shop, but that's probably not true.

From the age of about 5-9 I lived in this house on 225 Woodgate Rd.

There were lots of kids to play with and plenty of room.  The houses are still in very good shape.

This is Alexander Hamilton Elementary School which I went to until about the middle of fourth grade.

I walked to school every day and this is what the school looked like as I approached it.

This is the other end of the school looking back toward the street I walked on.

This is the Sunday School in Tonawanda that I went to until we moved to Phoenix.

These cement plaques above the door are written in German.  They said something about when the old and
new church was built.  I thought you could read it in the picture or I would have written it down.  I never
knew this church had German roots.  My mother is from Germany.  I wonder if that's why I went here?

Here's the corner stone that you can see in the lower right of the above picture.


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