Pennsylvania, Scranton area (Peckville, Olyphant) Oct 14-15 1999.
This is Betty and her son Jim Sweeny.  Betty is my grandmother's cousin, and my oldest living relative at 85.
She was raised in Olyphant and Jim spent his childhood summers there.  They drove up from Philly to tour
the area with us and they were fantastic guides for us.  Thanks a lot Betty and Jim!

We took a tour of a real coal mine.  You can see the car we rode in at the lower right.  A cable lowered the
car down the tracks into a steep shaft until we were 300 feet below the ground.

It's a bumpy ride down in the coal car.  For a moment the lights went out and it was completely dark.  Then
Aunt Betty shouts "Stop kissing me like that!".  We all had a good laugh.

This is what it looks like deep inside the coal mine.

Thanks a lot Aunt Betty for showing us a great time!

This is the home my Grandfather was raised in in Peckville.
I have a lot more family history photos that I'll put on another page for relatives
and anyone else whose interested.  Email me or check my website.

And this is the current owner of the home, Mark DeLeo, who saw me taking pictures
and invited me in for a complete tour.  What a great guy!  Thanks Mark.

This is the church in Scranton where my Grandparents got married.  I believe they
attended a Presbyterian church, so I'm not sure why they got married in a Baptist church.
I also have a lot of questions regarding the grave sites that I'm hoping some of you can
help me with when I get the family history web pages going.

The is the grave of my Great-grandfather and his wife and some family members.

And this is the grave of my Great-great-grandfather and his family.
This is the Rees that is supposed to have come over from Wales.
I want to go to Wales in about the summer of 2001 to find out more.

Here's a view of Peckville from the cemetary.