New York City and Philadelphia,  Oct 16-17 1999.

This is my friend Ron Anderson's neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Here is Ron's street.  His building is the last one you can see on the right.

This is were Ron lives ... in the bowels of Brooklyn (a basement apt).

Riding the subway with Ron.

Lorrie is asking Ron about the "stuff" dripping from the ceiling.  Ron thinks it's alive.  It eats the tile.

This is the CitiCorp building, one of my favorites in NYC.  It defies gravity as it hovers over the modern church in the foreground.

Here's a typical street scene near Times Square.

This is our last look at NYC just before we enter the Lincoln Tunnel and head for Philly.

We only have a few hours in Philly to see the Duchamp gallery at the Museum of Art.

This is the view from the steps of the Museum of Art.

And this is the east entrance of the Museum of Art.

Here's the Duchamp gallery and his famous "Bride Stripped Bare ..." painted on glass..

And from here it's on to DC.