Pictures from Maine, 3-10 Oct 1999.

We arrive on the coast of Maine at Bar Harbor.  It rained all day and snowed in some places in the mountains.

Most of the birds have gone, but we still saw several blue herons in coves like this.

Here is one of the many smaller harbors on Mt. Desert Island.

This guy has been living here since the forties, mostly catching lobster.  His son Jason was right behind him on the
boat unloading the days catch.  Jason was back from LA where he is an actor.  Look for him in the recent indie
film "Under the Bus".  He is currently writing a screenplay about Bar Harbor.

Here's Lorrie feeding the ducks.

Here's a view of Bar Harbor from the highest point on the island.

Here's what much of the shore is like around the island.

Our guide Michael is helping us spot some birds.  We did see our first Loon.

There are several sandy beaches around the island also.

Here's some of the marsh land on the island.

There are a lot of dogs in Maine, and they're pretty smart.

We headed south from Bar Harbor and explored some of the rest of the coast of Maine.

This is a Civil War era fort protecting the head of a river.

Here is one of the longer beaches in Maine.

This is Molly from the B&B we stayed at below.

Here's where we spent our last night in Maine.

And this is our last look at the coast of Maine.