We drove from Chicago to New Orleans in two days.

Graceland, Memphis; on the way to New Orleans:

The French Quarter:

On the Mississippi:

My friend Mitchell:

Pen the ghost-hunter in the haunted hotel in the French Quarter:

Pen, Mitchell, and me preparing to enter the swamp:

The swamp:

A snake on the left branch:

A turtle on the log; we saw lots of turtles:

Very hard to see gator in the foreground:

A young racoon by the tree near the center:

A nutria swimming - they're huge guinea pigs (gator food):

The town of Natchez, Mississippi celebrates bicentenial:

More Natchez:

The park in Natchez overlooks the Mississippi:

We caught a Blues game in St. Louis:

We got great seats for a sold-out game vs Detroit:

All you can get is Budweiser in this town:

The arch:

Last updated 4 April 1998.

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