Jan 6 1999 Washington DC

The Congress meets after holiday break, and the Senate prepares for Clinton impeachment trial.
Around noon, this small group of Clinton supporters begins a protest near the Capitol building.
That's the Supreme Court in the background.

Another angle of the protesters showing the Capitol building:

By 1:30pm a few more protesters have shown up.  They are blaming Gore for the "Coup".

The media watches.

That's the Senate portion of the Capitol building that the protesters are shouting at.
I've joined them here briefly, although I didn't shout.

Here I'm trying to keep my distance from the Larouchies.

I'm leaving the protest now.

This is the Library of Congress.  It's quite impressive inside.

These are some views of the Supreme Court.  I love this building.  It's the best marble in all of DC.
You can't tell from these pictures how shiney the marble is.


These are views of the Capitol from the Mall side.  The protests were happening on the other side.
The Mall is behing me as I take this picture.