Catalina Island  July 23 - 29

Our next adventure took us on a one hour van ride to Little Harbor where we
kayaked several coves over and hiked to a small waterfall.  It reminded me a
lot of the desert springs I used to hike to in Arizona.

Here we are making a landing in the surf.  We snorkeled from here over to
the next beach (background left) where we did a little body surfing.

Part of the tour included whacking golf balls from the cliff.  This is our guide,
and he could really whach'em.  This tour to Little Harbor was by far the best
thing we did on the island, so if you ever go there take the day trip to Little
Harbor with Mike at

Back at Avalon we did a little snorkeling at Lover's Cove, the most popular
place because it's protected and all the glass-bottom boats go there.

Our LA friend Brad Schreiber joined us for the last couple of days.  Here he
is enjoying my driving of the rented golf cart.

The golf cart took us up to this classic view of Avalon Bay with the Casino.

A couple of miles up the canyon from Avalon is this memorial to Wrigley.
It features lots of this tile that used to be made here and is all over Avalon.

Brad is showing his respect for the dead.  Wrigley is
actually buried somewhere else ... probably Chicago.

I tried to take Brad snorkeling, but he just injured himself.

A post-snorkeling shot with, you guessed it, the Casino.

We enjoyed Little Harbor so much that we went again.
This time we heard about a nearby beach with great surf, so
we hired to take us there.  This
time we took their dog, Ben, too.

Here we climb down the cliff to the beach.

We shared the beach with a few locals who were camping there.

The shade and hammocks were there for all to use.

We are very happy to have survived the hike back UP the cliff.

The day took its toll on some ... notice the ear plugs.  Guess Lorrie and I
snored too much.

Here is one of those glass bottom boats.  It was OK, but I prefered
snorkeling.  What was really fun was taking the night boat to see the flying
fish.  We did this twice.  The boat is completely open and a flying fish
nearly hit Lorrie.  We also did a night kayak with an astronomer.  We saw
at least one shooting star, but the phosphoresence in the ocean stole the show.

Here are some of the fish that greeted us in the glass bottom boat.

On our way back to the ferry, we bid farewell to Catalina Island.

We visited the tar pits in LA.  It looks like water here, but it's gooey tar.