Catalina Island  July 20-22

We took this Humvee tour of the western side of the island.  This took us into
the rugged terrain you see below.

This is looking at the western-most tip of the island.


This is our guide Misty and Lorrie at the end of the trip.

Here is the walkway up to the B&B called the Banning House.
It belonged to the owners of the island prior to 1919 when
Wrigley bought the island from them (yes, the chewing gum guy).

This is a continuation of the above path from the Banning House to the bay at
Two Harbors.

This is our view from the room at Banning House.  This is the OTHER harbor
at Two Harbors called Catalina Harbor.  Two Harbors is an isthmus, and the
walk between the two harbors is about 15 minutes.

We didn't want to leave Two Harbors, but the ferry came for us anyway.
Behind Lorrie is the way back to Avalon.  It takes about an hour.

The first thing we see approaching Avalon is the massive Casino (no gambling
ever took place there).  The upper level is an outdoor balcony that surrounds
a huge dance floor.  Below is a large movie theater featuring a built-in pipe organ.

This shows the dance hall.  It's set up for a wedding reception
here (only $2500 to rent), but in the 40's and 50's people would
take the ferry over for an evening of dancing in this hall.  At it's
peak it held 6,000 people, and CBS broadcast the Big Bands of
the day to the rest of the nation.